luni, 21 iulie 2014

Germany part III

Location Obere Isar Wallgau, fishing partner Mihnea,  I will try to be brief: day license 25 Euros, can be bought from the tourist information  center in Wallgau, the amount of fishing licenses is limited, call and reserve  with one or two weeks before. The upper Isar water is  beautiful, but with few real good hot spots, the river bed was changed, so it can be very frustrating at the end of the day, when it can happen that you have already fished every spot ... but the fishes are amazing  big grayling s sizes from 35 to 50 and nice trout’s . Don’t expect to catch fish after fish because you want, the fishes are in the hidden parts of the river, not many and you must work real hard for the big ones. No mistakes at casting, stay always hidden and be ready, the take s are rare so stay sharp always. We fished 90 percent of time with nymphs; the weather had a big influence on the behavior of the fish. I could not see even one fish to rise; I tried some dry s but not a chance. Mihnea had success with Polish black and burnet umber nymphs and pepping caddis, I fished with Pt-form nymphs with shinny hot spots; also a pink fluffy Pt was very efficient. A hard day of fly-fishing  but this is the reason We love it so much, it is not always easy, we must adapt and push ourselves ! Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures
PS. Mihnea lost a huge trout! 


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