luni, 7 iulie 2014

Germania partea II

           So part II of Fly-fishing in Germany, like I said in my latter BlogSpot, it s really hard to go fly-fishing on the best spots in Germany, but I had the chance to fish on a amazing river " The Isar ", the water has a beautiful sapphire color, from the high amount of chalk, this creating a basic buffer which creates a healthy environment for the development of the river system. The location where I fished was Bad Tölz, the license I bought from the Breed-bakery which is located in the center of the city (25 euro’s), pay a lot of attention were you park, I was very lucky 30 sec later and I would had to pay 25 euro’s fee for parking, I stayed in the Bakery about 2 min, the license you can buy only at 9 a clock, when they open the shop. Other problem, be very, very careful at were the river fishing limits are, this thing can ruin an entire fishing day; normally they are drawn on the fishing license, not in this case. So I parked were I was told , and  fished the section where I understood, I begun fishing with 1 nymph french style , after 2 casts I had my first take , a healthy grayling about 30 cm, another cast , another fish, but smaller. After changing the spot, and using a heavier 3, 5 tungsten head nymph, I had a nice take, I hooked and the party was on, a beauty, 48 cm grayling after releasing, I choose to change the fishing spot

So after changing the spot, I have to confess I had one of the most amazing fly-fishing day s of my life, almost with every cast I had a take, at some point the fish begun to rise. I fished only dry flies, f flies were the most efficient, duns and red body f flies, size from 14 to 18, the size of the fishes was between 35 to 50 cm, all fishes were gently released, I had to clean many of the fishes from many blood leeches which hanged on many of them, in brief it was an amazing day of fly fishing. The only problem was at the end of the day, when I had to experience one of the most  ugliest moments of my life, a fish supervisor asked me at a high voice to come out of the water to see my license, I was on the other part of the river, after I said to him that 'I have to go more downriver because the water is to deep, nothing, he was just screaming like a mad man, I got pissed and crossed the river taking large amounts of water, when 'I arrived near him he asked me of the fishing license, I showed it to him and he begun to scream louder, that I fish on the wrong part of the river, that I had to fish about 100 m down of the river, I apologized in thousand way s possible, told him that I did not knew and that I am willing to pay a day license for this part of the river,  he would just not want to hear about it, he made a scene that every person looked at me like I was an outlaw, a very embarrassing moment, I was so disgusted of this, I cannot explain in words. So pay attention were the limits are, don t fish if you are not sure that you are on the right spot. Better ask ten times before fish!!!But the river is just amazing and the fishes are a beauty!!! Hope you enjoy the photos.

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  1. I know the water very well ! Nice pictures ! When do you intend to fish again in Germany ? ;)